About Me


I am a stop motion animator!  I love what I do.  It has allowed me to work and live in great cities as well as meet and work with fantastic amazing people.  Check out my Linked In page for more info on some of the places I have worked!  I also love other things that I do!  Those things are: drawing, painting, improv, sculpting, walking, biking, cooking, baking, personal finance and more things I can't think of!

The first thing I do every day no matter what is go to a local coffee shop and draw people.  Sometime I paint these drawings and sometimes I don't.  I also post them every few days along with an update on my life and thoughts on this blog.

Being an artist professionally while trying to keep your own art alive is a challenging task.  It's even more challenging to lead a balanced lifestyle while trying to do all of those things.  It's something i'm working on and something I talk about a lot.

I love connecting with other artists!  If you have any questions about anything I post leave a comment and I'll respond to it!  Or send me an email at freckles(dot)animator(@)gmail(dot)com.


  1. nice to look in and see what you are doing Alicia! Your sketches and coffee talk make me want to grab my pad and head out to a cafe. Stay well, stay creative!


    and oh ya, it is tough finding that balance of work, life and art. Never stop trying.

  2. Thanks Werner! I can't believe I just saw this comment now. Thank you for your words, it means so much since you were the one who introduced me to cafe sketching in the first place. I think you would be proud of how many sketchbooks I've filled! :)