Friday, February 18, 2011


SERIOUSLY how can I focus on a day like today??? If you are in Toronto you KNOW it is NINE DEGREES!!!!!!!!! NINE DEGREEEEESSSS!!!!!! It is supposed to go down to like -15 after today so I am riding high on good weather feelings. My balcony door is OPEN!
Its amazing what an impact good weather can have.


  1. Cute jacket! I love your work!

    I visited Toronto for the first time last year for a small press comic convention! I loved the city a lot!

  2. Montreal got warmer today too! I don't get tired saying this your drawing are so spot-on and familiar! :)

  3. Your pretty blog makes me full of happiness. Like a jar of butterflies!
    Keep up the lovely posts you!

  4. Kassandra- I'm so glad you liked your stay in Toronto! Let me know if you ever come back, I can tell you where to get the best ice cream in THE WORLD!!
    Benoit - thanks :) your blog always brings a smile to my face, you are so great at giving your drawings appeal
    Nick- thanks for visiting my blog! I am a huge fan of yours
    Lauren- You are too kind and you words are even kinder :) thank you so much!