Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Still Kickin!!

Yes I still exist!  It looks like one blog post a month might be the type of schedule I can commit to while I work up a storm over here!  My work brought in this amazing life drawing model last week and we had a drawing/pizza party!!  The model even brought in this crazy pair of goat legs that her boyfriend constructed for a renaissance fair.  Basically the best way to spend time if you ask me.  

Since I last posted I began going into a coffee shop before work to draw every morning and I have FILLED an entire sketchbook!!! HURRAH!  It always gives me such a great sense of accomplishment when I do that.  

I also moved apartments and have a sweeeeeeeeet setup.  I have a bedroom AND a private office all to myself which I have now dubbed "the sculpting room".  THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!!!
Also I've been thinkin a lot about my short and have had quite a few revelations about it.  Might take things in a slightly different direction then when I first thought.  Open mindedness is fun.


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  1. Wish i had that discipline like you, to draw every morning well, i go to work at 7 am, o, after work is best) Bu i am always too tired to draw after work. I will to my best.
    Awesome works!! Would be amazing to look at you entire sketchbook. :) Have an amazing week :)