Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Get By

Things are moving along at a slow but sure pace.  There is still some sort of mental equilibrium that I am chasing after but I think I'll get there soon.  It's a whole new challenge when you are working on your own film, your own idea.  I feel so spoiled to say this but I MISS having a crew around to do things for me.  If I had a puppet/set/lighting problem in the past I just took it to the experts I worked with and said FIX THIS PLEASE.  And fix it they did.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked with so many amazing knowledgable people, and let me tell you I am really missing them.  Now when I have a problem to work through with my puppet/set/lighting its all on me to fix it.  And don't get me wrong, I'm loving the chance to learn all this great stuff, and yes I am have wild fun doing it.  But I know myself and when it comes right down to it there is just nothing in the world I love more than animating.  Building is fun, storyboarding and drawing are fun.  I love it, it's great.  But it doesn't compare to animating.  And I miss animating.  I suppose its just frustrating that every time I have a setback and can't move forward I am the only one who is accountable for that.  Anyways, you know what they say:  Anything worth doing isn't easy!
Forward I go.


  1. i could do it for you...juss gimme like 2 days

  2. I totally get it....I love it all ...but sometimes....