Sunday, October 21, 2012

Head and Heart

BLARG.  There is so much going on in my life right now that I have tried to write this post three times already.  All I've managed to do with it is throw myself a pity party which I am totally over!!!!  Without things getting too heavy I think I will reduce my thoughts into bullet points:

- I have a cold and feel totally worn out
- Job is going amazingly, I'm having the best time!  9am-7pm, Mon-Fri is a GOOD TIME.
- I realized lately that its been almost a year since I've done an improv class or performed improv.  This kills me.
- I need to work yoga into my life regularly to help me cope with the anxieties in my life that worsen when I go through transitions (i.e.- moving).  When things get bad I get obsessive AND compulsive.  I wouldn't say I'm at disorder stage but it's definitely not comfortable!
- I miss biking so much.  Hopefully when I get back to Vancouver there will be some rain-less days that I can take advantage of.
- I feel sad that I haven't posted on my blog in so long.  But today I feel happy that I am posting.
- I think I'm in some sort of personal rut.  There.  I've said it.  Now hopefully I can get out of it.

I have some pretty big thoughts about 2013.  I have a loose idea of how I'd like it to go but of course we won't know till we get there :)

Anyone else have some big feeling they want to share in bullet points?


  1. - Cheese is good on pizza
    - I may not have lyme disease, but I have some pills for it!
    - It's hard to buy armatures AND prop replica kits...
    - It's WAY harder to find a turtleneck in this world than I thought!
    - You don't need a Weatherman to know which way the wind blows
    - Tempera paint seems like a good deal, but is practically useless.

  2. WOW Mahan...... That was special.
    And...are you thinking of being Steve Jobs for Halloween? Cause I would totally support that!
    Also I think that youtube is my new
    Sorry Elliot! But we are stardust!

  3. - i hope you feel better soon!
    - i stare at markers every day, and the colors are screaming to be used, i look forward to our coloring date this week!
    - i also wish biking were a bigger part of my life, it makes you smile faster than yoga, but yoga's nice too
    - it would be lovely to hang out with you sometime after work!
    - oh, i'd also love to extend my new Nerf gun to you at work - attacking our superiors always makes me happy :)
    - and i'd love to hear your thoughts about 2013!

  4. AHHHH Smashley!!!! Those are some wonderful bullet points!! Lets make it happen! It's impossible for anyone on earth to feel down if they are within a 3 foot radius of you! Also this week is going to be an all out nerf attack!!!!!!