Sunday, November 28, 2010

Everyday is exactly the same...almost

Since my contract ended everyday to me feels like a Saturday except Sunday.  Only Sunday feels like a Sunday.  Monday to Saturday all seem to have this busy energy to them.  People rushing about in the cold, grasping at their hoods and scarves to pull them tighter over wind chapped faces.  But Sunday always somehow, no matter what the weather, just seems so leisurely.  Older well off ladies striding side by side with their husbands or grown-up daughters.  Its really a lovely feeling watching and drawing people who are relaxed and just enjoying their day.  People wander in and out of the coffee shop that I sketch at, catching up with the barista or mulling over for minutes what they will order.  Usually its in and out with a large line up of good-natured but hurried faces.  I LOVE SUNDAYS!  4 pages today!

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