Friday, November 26, 2010

So I finished a sketchbook yesterday!  I haven't done that since college.  Anywho I went to this awesome film festival yesterday called Naked Frames and was really inspired by it.  There were really amazing films and I was totally impressed by the entire line up.  Made me feel sad that I never really did a short film. Today while I was drawing ( 4 pages today!) I got happy again because I feel like I'm really working towards something great.  I've set some goals for myself and I know that in the process of reaching them I will discover more things that I want to create so I feel pretty good about where I'm going.  Something really important that I have learned about life in general is that I really need to listen to myself about what I enjoy doing at the time and just go crazy on it.  I love drawing right now and I am discovering so much so I am going to keep pushing myself with it until I feel like I'm ready to accomplish something else.  I know one day I will feel ready to make a film, and it will be amazing.

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