Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something familiar in an unfamiliar place

Well fellow bloggers I have left Toronto. I got a sweet job in New York so I packed up and here I am! I can't say it was easy to leave Toronto. For the past few months it has been a wealth of inspiration. The people, the neighborhoods. I love it all. It was very hard to leave it although it made it much easier knowing that I was heading for an amazing city and a job I'm really excited about. So of course I must apologize for the rather large gap in between posts as the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of packing and planning. When I arrived yesterday I felt a little out of sorts (i'm sure the 10 hour drive had something to do with it) and I decided to do something I enjoy to make me feel a little more at home in my new place. So here is a painting I did (sorry for the dark picture, I had to leave my scanner behind) to ease my nerves and I absolutely felt immediately better. Of course the fact that I have perfect strangers playing helps also :)

Anyways I will continue to update my blog regularly. People of Toronto: sleep easy tonight! You are no longer the subject of my sneak attack drawings. NEW YORK RESIDENTS: WATCH OUT