Friday, January 27, 2012

I"ll tell ya what I want what I really really want!

I have found that throughout my life, life itself has given me clear indications of what choices to make.  Whether a big or small decision, whenever I thought I didn't have the answer, I found that in fact I did.  Sometimes its hard to listen to yourself and trust that your instincts have your best interests in mind.  A few years ago I found it much easier to listen to my head rather than my heart.  My head led me to making choices that were comfortable for me and offered little to no room for failure (and therefore little to no room for growth!).  This ultimately leads to a very melancholy type of life.  Not really the life I had intended on living.  I found myself unsure of how to dig myself out of the safe dull place I had put myself in.  Well I really have to attribute a book for showing me the way.  The Artists Way By Julie Cameron really changed the way I thought about a lot of things.  Be warned if you do decide to check it out - there is a spiritual element that you may or may not buy into.  But know that it wasn't that which changed things for me.  This book is basically a twelve week course on figuring out who you are an an artist.  Really it teaches you how to hear your own instincts because believe it or not, the answers are already there.  Now I'm happy and proud to say that it is easier to listen to my heart than my head, and my heart so far has taken me on a crazy unpredictable amazing ride!
Thats more like it.


  1. Oh geez! Of course you'd include the spice girls somehow!

  2. I think your doing awesome!! that book is super cool...