Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look Forward

So as you all know my lovely job in NY wrapped a little while ago.  I had a heck of a time working on that project with such great and talented people.  Now that its over and I've left NY I've had a few people as me, "Are you sad that its done?  Does it suck that you had to leave NY?".  To that I say no and no!  Here's the thing: I've learned in order to move forward in any way you really can't look back.  If you don't let the old stuff go then you can't make room for the new stuff!  I am so freakin happy and grateful for the opportunity that I had, really there is nothing to be sad about.  It happened and it was awesome!!  Now onto the next amazing thing!
I moved to Vancouver!!!
This was in some ways one of the hardest and easiest decisions I've ever made.  More about it in the next blog post :)
(by the way my paint is still being shipped across Canada along with some other belongings, so the next few posts will be colourless)

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