Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sam Cooke said it best

Well a change is going to come. I feel far too comfortable in the way I have been drawing and going about my daily artistic ventures. MUST SWITCH IT UP! Today I decided to look at people longer and then do a bit of a memory sketch rather than drawing as I'm looking. Small changes to lead to bigger changes :)


  1. Change is good Freckles! I like your blog:) Can't wait to see the next few ones! Sorry for my bad English;p

  2. Hi Freckles, thanks for the comment...I am opening a Monster shop called Freckles n' Fur hopefully very soon hahahah Gotta love the aul Freckles. I am covered in em!!!!

  3. Lovely sketch! I envy her, she looks so cozy :)

  4. Benoit - if you english is bad then my is worse cause I don't see any errors in your writing :)
    Gillian - FRECKLES UNITE!! amazing :)
    Carrie - she may look cozy but it was -12 Celsius yesterday so I can guarantee she was NOT! :)

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  5. The way you drew the face in this one reminds me of Lynn Johnston