Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Downright Bustling

Today the coffee shop was BIZAY. It was nice to have that extra energy in the air but at the same time I start to feel edgy cause I am taking up one of the very limited sitting options available and I stay there for like an hour.... But I should just get over it cause no body is ever left standing looking for a seat.
Have a happy day!!


  1. Hey you! Just checking in on you. Love the illo as always. I just love your stuff.

  2. Hey Dennis! Thanks for stopping by! Hope all is well, I check out your blog often (guess I should leave some comments!!) :)

  3. Uhuhuuu!!! :)))))
    This is the amazing drawing!!!
    So cute and characteristic!!!

    COOOOOOL!!!! :)))

  4. ooooo great design on this one!!!!
    congrats frackles!!!!