Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello? Is it me your looking for?

Well here is a perfect example of something good coming out of something bad. Today when I drew this I LOVED IT. But then when I painted it I am not loving it. I feel like the drawing really got lost under some heavy handed painting. It is my goal to be able to be consistent in any medium other than digital. I messed up the water amounts of my gouache (see post below) and lost my drawing in the process. This sucks.
I did not want to post this today. But it has been my resolution to post my paintings good or bad everyday. I named this blog frecklesfun for a reason! Because I want to post things I have fun with good or bad. This blog is made for me and the fact that other people check it out is just a superfun BONUS! Being too critical of yourself and therefore not sharing artwork is a slippery slope... I never want to get back in that headspace that I had in college.
So even though I don't like how this painting came out, I had fun doing it and discovering new things while creating it and most importantly I am proud of myself for posting it.


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  1. Inspirational post! It's true, I often hold back on posting a drawing I'm not proud of...but who cares, really? I had fun doing it!

    Also, the drawing looks pretty cool to me!