Monday, March 7, 2011

Thank you Steve Martin

Some people like to work in silence. Some people like to put on the tv or a movie in the background. I tend to cycle through different background noises and silence depending on what mood I'm in. Right now I have found podcasts to be about the best thing possible. In my last month or so of work when I was animating I found the last Harry Potter audiobook and that was HEAVEN to work to.
Recently I've been listening to the most AWESOME podcast called the nerdist which is sort of like an interview show hosted by stand-up comedians who interview other comedians. TOTALLY AMAZING. Anyways I was listening to one with Jon Hamm (lead in madmen, and yes he actually started out in improv!) and they quoted a line from the Steve Martin autobiography "born standing up" and they said something like " You will not get the job you want by auditioning". As an animator this really struck me. It is easy to get caught up in jobs animating on things you are not really passionate about. You really have to create the project you want. Apparently after realizing this Steve Martin wrote "the Jerk".
Smart guy! I think I am going to buy the audiobook because Steve Martin himself reads it.
Have a happy day!