Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gouache Thwarted

While I was drawing today I suddenly felt inspired to paint a full page in my sketchbook.  When I got home I got out my brushes, filled my stainless steel pail with water and got out the paper towels.  I moved my desk chair by the balcony so I could paint by the white daylight instead of the yellow lightbulbs we have in the apartment.  So excited.  Then I opened my box of gouache and found 3 lonely tube: black, lemon yellow and green.  The three colours I never use.  Somewhere along my travels I must have left my gouache behind.  Darn.  
Well now I have a reason to visit and wander the local art store.  
On another note I'm having some really interesting brain thoughts about how to approach water in my film..... I can't wait to start experimenting.  THINGS ARE GOING TO GET MESSY!!!!!!!!!!!  Just to give some context I am avoiding realism like the plague.  I want artsy metaphorical interpretive EVERYTHING!!!!!!  It's just more fun to make your own rules...... your paper! You have no idea I'm staring at your  eyelid!

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