Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I'm down with a cold....gross.  All I want in the world right now is to get into my studio and do some work but I'm right in the middle part of my cold where everything is just gross AND I barely slept last night.  I almost missed going out and drawing today but I just ended up going later than usual.  And I bought myself a cookie.
And now I am posting on my blog.
I am content.

There is a long and weird story to go along with this guy.  Too long for me to post about.  Suffice it to say I know everything there is to know about him, his girlfriend, his girlfriends ex-husband, his girlfriends ex-husbands current girlfriend, and his girlfriend and her ex-husbands kids.  These people  did not bother controlling the volume of their voice when it came to personal details.  Which is fine cause eavesdropping is fun.

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