Thursday, May 24, 2012

What in the world....

Today I slept in.  Went drawing.  Now I am feeling stuck.  It is beautiful out and there are so many things I want to do, so many things I should do.  I am paralyzed by all of the tasks that have the potential to be completed today and as a result nothing is being done.  So I know that since I bought new gouache about a week ago I should paint something.  But I really want to get out on Black Thunder (my bike) and enjoy the weather.  And I really want to experiment and play with some new materials I bought for my puppet.  I know I should get groceries and go to the bank and research some things that I need to figure out.  I should also read a chapter in The Artists Way because its been over a week since I read the last one (you are supposed to read a chapter a week).  And I would but I want to get outside before the sun disappears.  I also have A TON of new ideas for new projects (thank you Artists Way) and I want to somehow organize these idea and begin executing some of them.  So I sit here semi-paralyzed writing on my blog (which is good.... because it is a task I needed to complete) and already I guess that makes me feel better.  So now I have made a decision.  Today I will not do what I should do.  I will do what I want.  Which means packing up my laptop and taking Black Thunder along the Vancouver Seawall to my studio and playing with my new material.  So here, unapologetically is another black and white sketch.  There will be colour at some point.....but I guess not until I really want it.

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