Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Late Than Never

 Today I had an appointment that went 2 hours longer than it should have.  Blech.  If I don't start my day out sketching its all I can think about until I get it done.  Its always slightly tempting to skip a day if it seems like I might not get around to it but that is ALWAYS a bad idea.  The thing is that at the place I sketch at I have to go when things are not busy or I won't get my seat by the window.  If I don't get my seat by the window then I am screwed.  So if I don't go early in the morning then there is always a nagging thought of if I will get my seat at all.  Because of my yucky start to the day my entire vibe is rush-rush.  AND I HAVE IMPROV TONIGHT.  I just remembered that.  Now I have even less time...  Better get to work!  Exciting things are happening!

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