Sunday, December 12, 2010

I Seriously Doubt this Man

A while ago I watched the movie Doubt.  In case you haven't seen it spoiler alert: ITS AMAZING!  Anyways I also watched it with the commentary which was really insightful.  The director (and writer) had made a decision that the third act of the movie happen after the audience left the theater.  That is, he left us with enough to think about and deliberate on our own so that after we watch the movie we form out own ending in our minds.   I thought this was brilliant.  Recently (this weekend) I watched the Cohen Brothers' A Serious Man.  Spoiler alert: ITS TRI-MAZING! (amazing times 3)  Wow.  If Doubt gave us the subtle inkling that we should make up our minds about the ending on our own, then A Serious Man smacked us in the face with it.  Really powerful movie.  Anyways the reason I bring this up is:  I wanted to draw something that didn't explain it all.  Something that people could look at and form their own narrative on.  This thought process really intrigues me and I think it is something I will explore further.  Please watch the above mentioned two movies if you have already not seen them.

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