Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Opposing Views

Right Handed

I've been working hard on some other drawings and my hand is really starting to hurt.  It's almost a nostalgic feeling though as it brings back my days in college when I was classically animating and life drawing 3 hours a day.   Since my daily warm up consists of drawing at least 6 pages of cafe sketches I was a little worried about how my hand would hold up.  After the second page today I was really starting to feel it but I didn't really want to stop after only 2 pages.  I remembered something my college life drawing teacher had told us.  He had once fallen off a ladder and hurt his right hand badly enough that he couldn't draw with it for some time.  Therefore he decided to just learn to draw with his left hand.  So I decided to do a few pages of drawings left handed, and it turned out to be a lot of fun!  I found I was capturing different aspects of people differently.  The overall pose became a lot stronger.  Sure it is a simpler drawing, but I think it is just as affective.  I think from this day on I will do 3 pages right handed and 3 pages left handed. It will reduce the strain on my right hand but also improve my communication with my left.  WIN WIN!

Right handed

Left-Handed Drawing


  1. There's a lot of life in your work. Very nice.

  2. I seem to remember this teacher of yours telling this story during his school visit. He maybe even showed us an example...or perhaps it was you telling me the story. Either way it seems familiar, and of course, I love everything on this page!