Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something New

I'm trying a new way of painting.  Previously I relied a lot on the white of the paper to lighten the value of my hues.  I want to experiment more with upping the opacity of my paint.  It's taking a bit of getting used to but ultimately I think I am finding I have some more control.  I'm working on a piece right now that is very important to me.  It is one that I first sketched out months ago when I was still right in the thick of Glen Martin season 2 and I really did not have time for drawing at all.  Anyways I'm in the home stretch with it now and I'm so excited for it to be finished so this is a great time for me to finalize what sort of method I will use for painting it.  I've also been doing a lot of school presentations which is always invigorating!  I have two more in a row tomorrow, delaying my cafe sketching to the afternoon (which sucks) but I'm psyched to talk to so many kids tomorrow!

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