Saturday, January 1, 2011

Eff you Fear!

So here we are in 2011.  I hope everyone had a happy new year!  I did.  Something that I think a lot about these days is fear and how useless it is.  Fear can take many forms.  It can be anything from not wanting to climb to the top of a ladder, to not wanting to tell someone you were genuinely captivated by the cinematography in Troll 2.  It is the thing that stands between us as we are and who we want to be.  We need to be able to look under the bed with the lights off to see that there are no monsters, and we need to be brave enough to be who we are every day and see that we will still be accepted by others.  For me I find fear when I want to try something new with art.  I am scared it will be uncomfortable because I won't be good at it so why not just stick with something I'm good at?  Well because that is totally lame!  So I kick fear in the face and give myself permission to create horrible unappealing art.  But usually what happens is I was wrong all along and because I tried something different I create something different and it is awesome.  But even those times when it really isn't awesome and does look horrible WHO CARES??  The point is I did it.  A promise I made to myself is that I will keep creating.  And if it is bad it doesn't matter if it is good, then great.  But the part that I take pride in is that I created for better or worse.


  1. Really lovely caricatures!

    I love the "Blow Up" poster. I thought the same thing after watching it recently, for the first time... "What just happened?"

    Do you work mostly in watercolors?
    Love the "illustrated" quality of your work!

  2. Thanks for the comment! I use mostly gouache and pencil crayon. Glad you liked the poster!