Friday, January 14, 2011

me vs. me

I went to improv last night and had a blast performing with my group.  This is the first time in almost 2 years that I am not taking an improv class and only performing.  It's strange to not have as much improv in my life as I'm used to but also good in a way.  I have more time for art and I am able to focus now on my career goals.  Also it puts things back into balance.  I originally started improv to be a better animator, but it really took on a life of its own as soon as I realized how much I enjoy it.  I was splitting my focus between art and improv and therefore not getting far enough ahead in either.  Now that I have taken a step back I am really able to process what I learned and understand how it can be used to make myself a better artist.  I had some great ideas for illustrations and projects last night on my way home from performing thanks to the awesome show we put on.  Now that these two important parts of my life have learned to get along I'm really excited for what the future holds!


  1. These two look kinda miserable and cold, glad I'm in sunny California :)

    Glad you're in balance, that's rare for an artist, hope it lasts. Hey, why does it look like there are two of you in the school pics. Are you a twin?

  2. Way to go!! I too am slowly learning to manage my dance life with being an improviser!! They are beginning to inform each other and you inspire me to find my own balance :)

  3. ted- So jealous of you! I visited California for the first time last year and I love it there. I'm not a twin, that's just my sister :)