Monday, January 24, 2011

the SENIOR MISS FUR COMPETITION is in town...I think

Today was pretty darn interesting. I saw 2 older ladies within 5 minutes of each other wearing these super extravagant furs! I am totally against wearing fur for fashion but i'm not against drawing it... These furs were SO huge!

On another topic I just want to say thanks for anyone who went to the awesome sea change event. I had SO much fun and met so many different artists, it was a great night. Now that the show is done I'm going to be working on some personal animation pieces which I am really excited about. Don't worry though, nothing will get in the way of my daily drawings!! By the way, here is the artwork that was featured in the Sea Change show! They are based off some of my favorite vocal groups, the mills brothers
, the larks and the ink spots!


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  2. Senior Miss Fur! They are so funny! Funny thing on my way to work this morning I saw Senior Mis..TER Fur and caricatured him right away in my mind... Seeing your drawing made me think about how good it is that you captured that. Awesome :)

  3. lol I guess it is this nasty weather that is bringing out the furs!!