Monday, January 10, 2011

Starting the week off sooo right

Ya! This is an exciting week for me because I will be starting a web design course and I believe I'm scheduled to do some improv as well.  As the days go on I am getter better acquainted with gouache and its quirks.  Therefore I am becoming more and more confident painting with it.  The only problem I'm having now is my cramped cramped working space.  I know I can make it work but it requires SERIOUS and CONSTANT organization.  The second I get lazy about it everything goes to hell.  One day I will have an actual studio space and that will be AMAZING.  Onwards Monday!


  1. Hey,
    Looking through your blog I really like how much character your studies have - I really get a sense of their personality, be it through their pose or expression.

    And then I read you like to try and imagine what they are thinking, and I think this approach is the reason why their personality comes across! :)
    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Hi there,thanks for stopping by,I enjoy the shapes of your characters in your posts,they are very appealing! I get the kids story book vibe,it reminds me of the snowman!

  3. Hello There Miss Freckles,
    Thank you for droppin in to my blog. Really appreciated your sweet comments.

    Hmmm, love your character stuffs and all the small pictures with those children. Would love to see more of stuff here.
    Keep em rolling.
    will come back for more.